Dr. Eric Sade

Dr. Sade obtained his degree in dentistry from the University of Toronto and completed a 3-year full time residency program in periodontics at the State University of New York at Stony Brook. He currently maintains his private practice in Toronto.

Dr. Sade has joined with Sheridan Dental to provide his expertise in the area or periodontics to patients who demonstrate the need for more advanced periodontal therapy.

Periodontics is the specialty in dentistry that deals with gums and supporting tissues of the teeth. When problems arise within these tissues that are not easily managed by the more general techniques typically used in dentistry, special treatments and techniques are used by periodontists to bring about a healthier and more manageable gum and bone condition. These specialized techniques are used to prolong the life of the teeth so as to minimize the need for dentures and bridgework.

This specialty also includes the area of implantology. Missing teeth can be replaced or loose fitting dentures can utilize titanium metal "roots" which are implanted into the jawbone. Subsequent bridgework or dentures allow for "teeth" to be affixed to the implant restoring function and cosmetics.


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