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At Sheridan Dental Centre, it is our belief that the key to good oral health is preventative care, so we make it a top priority to keep our patients' teeth and gums as healthy as possible.

Healthy teeth and gums start with good oral hygiene at home, along with regular dental check-ups and cleaning.

Dental appointments at Sheridan Dental Centre begin with a review of the patient’s overall health, as it often relates to dental health. The next step is a thorough cleaning, which includes scaling to remove any tartar build-up and polishing to remove plaque and stains.

During the check-up, the mouth, teeth and gums are also given a comprehensive examination, including an oral cancer screening. Often this includes information for you on proper oral care and hygiene. Based on outcomes, subsequent visits will be scheduled.

If you live in the Pickering and the Durham Region, we’d love to help you get started down the road to better dental and overall health. Call us or come in to schedule an exam.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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