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Hide tooth imperfections with durable bonding – for a natural-looking smile and perfectly beautiful results.

Sometimes small fixes do the trick and that’s when Sheridan Dental Centre recommends dental bonding. Dental bonding, a technique in which a tooth-like resin is carefully sculpted and affixed to the tooth, creates a strong, durable surface that is indistinguishable from natural tooth enamel. The resin material used for bonding creates a surface that mimics the natural surface of the tooth – including the colour, shape, and size of the natural tooth enamel – improving the appearance of teeth with superficial damage and unsightly imperfections.

Dental bonding is an excellent solution to dental problems including gaps between teeth, chips, cracks, pitting, stains and cavities.

Remember that while composite bonding can last for years if you look after it, this material is not as strong as your tooth’s natural enamel. Avoid certain hard foods that may crack the composite material. Even ripping open food packaging with your teeth or biting your nails can put bonding at risk. Coffee, tea and tobacco can also stain the material. So careful oral habits and good dental health care is important.

Get more mileage from your smile with bonding. Find out more from the team at Sheridan Dental Centre in Pickering.

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