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At Sheridan Dental Centre, we always strive to save your tooth whenever possible. However, when an extraction becomes necessary, we will take the steps to ensure your comfort during the process.

Even with good dental care, when a tooth is badly damaged or decayed, sometimes an extraction is the best course of action.

The process begins with numbing the area to avoid discomfort; you may feel pressure during the procedure but it should be comfortable and not painful. The tooth is removed, and then the area is thoroughly cleaned.

When the tooth is impacted (lack of space is preventing it from erupting fully from the gums), this becomes a surgical procedure that involves creating a “flap” by making an incision in the gums, and gently lifting the flap to remove the tooth. Sometimes it is necessary to divide the tooth into pieces to remove it from the socket. Once the tooth is removed, the area is cleaned thoroughly and the flap is stitched.

The procedure is performed to be as non-invasive as possible to speed up recovery and minimize bleeding. Home care will include a liquid diet and soft foods, pain-relief medication, and keeping the area clean.

If you require an extraction, be confident that your Sheridan Dental Centre team will fully discuss the process and all options with you before the process begins. If you have any questions or concerns, please ask us.

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