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We want every new patient to feel like part of our family by the time they leave their first dental appointment. 

Our practice is a place where you’ll be actively involved with your dental care every step of the way, for every service you may need, including routine dental check-ups, braces, cosmetic dentistry, and more complex dental procedures such as dental implants.

Your First Dental Exam With Us

Your first exam with us is a chance for both you and your dentist to get to know one another. On your first visit, this interactive examination takes about 90 minutes.

The exam includes:

  • A discussion about your dental and general health history
  • Diagnostic imaging and a conversation of what those images show
  • A detailed exam of your mouth, teeth, and gums
  • A full overview of our recommended treatment plan and a chance to ask any additional questions

Learn more about our dental exams.

Helpful Information

Dental Insurance

Dental insurance can help pay a portion of certain procedures; no dental insurance attempts to cover 100% of dental services. Your benefit coverage depends on the contract between you or your employer and the insurance company.

Some insurance companies don’t update fee schedules to the current year or cover some of the newer procedures. Remember that dental insurance is offered to reduce the cost of dental care, not eliminate it.

Our dental team will work with you to maximize your insurance benefits. We believe dental care should not be dictated by what your dental insurance will or won’t cover. With modern materials and techniques, the standard of care is changing for the better.

Please discuss discrepancies and direct your insurance questions to your insurance carrier.

Unless prior arrangements have been made, 100% of the fee for our services is due upon completion of your treatment. Payment may be made by cheque, Visa, Mastercard or direct payment.

Our sterilization procedures are completely transparent and in full view of our patients. We employ the latest techniques and equipment for the complete destruction of all unwanted life forms and maintain the integrity of sterilized instrumentation until you are seated in the operatory.

Learn about our enhanced COVID-19 safety protocols.

We go to great lengths to ensure that our patients are properly protected. Please ask us to show our procedures should you have any concerns.

We Can’t Wait to Meet You

We’d love to show you the difference our approach to dental care makes in the lives of our patients. Book your appointment today.

Our Location

There’s plenty of convenient parking at our location at First Pickering Place.

Our Address

  • Unit 12, 1550 Kingston Rd
  • Pickering, ON L1V 1C3

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