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Patient-Centred Family Dentistry

It’s important to us to take particular care to get to know each of our patients, including a thorough initial exam, so that we can understand the whole picture of their health.

Your oral health is intimately linked with your overall health, which is why we create a personalized care plan for each patient based on their needs, smile goals, and other health concerns. It’s important to us that you feel informed and empowered about your own oral health.

Patient-Centred Dental Exams

As our patient, you’re actively involved with your dental care every step of the way. 

We’ll talk you through each procedure, give you in-depth education particular to your oral health, and do everything we can so that you finish your appointment feeling confident and informed about any following steps.

What to Expect in Your Dental Exam

Your first exam with us is a chance for both you and your dentist to get to know one another. Our interactive examination takes about 90 minutes on your first visit. Following this exam, we’ll schedule a separate hygiene appointment based on your particular needs.

Health History & Diagnostic Imaging

Your dentist will take your health history and discuss any symptoms or oral health concerns you have, along with your health care goals and anything that might be getting in the way of you achieving those goals.

We’ll want to know about any medications, previous surgeries or dental procedures, and your lifestyle.

If this isn’t your first exam with us, we’ll still have time to chat with you about any changes to your oral health, but we may not need to go as in-depth.

Next, we’ll perform diagnostic imaging to create a comprehensive set of digital images of your teeth and jaw, as needed.

Your dentist will perform a detailed check-up of your mouth, teeth, and gums, including an oral cancer screening. Your dentist will talk to you throughout this examination and share personalized guidance on oral care and hygiene.

Finally, your dentist will review your diagnostic images and provide you with a full overview of their recommended treatment plan. Based on the outcome of your exam, we will recommend your next visits.

Every one of our patients has unique oral health needs, so we create a personalized treatment plan for each person.

As a general guideline, the Canadian Dental Association recommends people see their dentist about every 6 months. These regular visits are key to ensure your dentist can catch any small problems early while they’re still relatively simple and affordable to fix.

We recommend a more comprehensive exam every 5 years. Often, new X-rays will be taken at this time in order to see any shifting in the teeth. Dental impressions may also be taken as part of a bite evaluation.

Putting off seeing your dentist might cause smaller problems to become something major, painful, and expensive to address.

Like our adult patients, we want to make sure our pediatric patients feel comfortable and confident about every visit.

Your child’s first visit to the dentist should be by 12 months old, per the Canadian Dental Association. After that, we’ll likely want to see them about every 6 months, or on a personalized schedule based on their needs.

When you bring your child to the dentist regularly, we’re able to find small problems early, ensure your at-home hygiene practices are effective, and teach them that the dentist is a positive experience to set them up for lifelong good oral health.

A Smile Awaits You

A healthy smile is key to every member of your family’s overall health. The team at Sheridan Dental Centre includes dental, periodontal (gum), orthodontic specialists. 

Each specialist is dedicated to providing your family with personalized dental care in their areas of specialty. This includes routine dental check-ups, fillings, braces, and teeth cleaning as well as treating more complex dental procedures such as dental implants.

We want your smile to last for years to come. Book your family’s appointments today.

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