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Expert Care for Growing Smiles

Just because your child doesn’t have permanent teeth yet doesn’t mean they don’t need to see their dentist. Regular dental exams are important for keeping your child’s smile in perfect condition and play a key role in their overall health. 

At Sheridan Dental, our goal is to give every child a dental experience that is calm, fun, and enjoyable.

Why Do Kids Need to See a Dentist?

As a parent, you play a significant part in keeping your child healthy, but you don’t have to do it alone. 

At Sheridan Dental, we’ll be alongside you every step of the way. From preventing cavities, tooth decay, and dental complications to helping you and your child create a proper oral care routine, our dentists are dedicated to keeping your child’s smile beautiful as they continue to grow. 

When Should Kids See Their Dentist?

Your child should see a dentist within 6 months of getting their first tooth or once they’ve turned 1, whichever happens first.

After their first appointment, your child should see their dentist every 6 months to receive a professional cleaning and an exam.

How to Prepare Your Child for the Dentist

No matter how old your child is or how many times they’ve been to the dentist, getting a dental exam can be an intimidating experience. Our team is well-trained to make sure your child always feels safe and comfortable, but there are a few things you can do at home to prepare them for their appointment:

Don’t Over Prepare Your Child

To prepare your child for the dentist, we recommend taking turns pretending to be dentists, reading books about the dentist, or visiting your dentist’s office ahead of time.

While these can all make your child more comfortable visiting the dentist, it’s also important not to over-prepare your child. Putting too much focus on their upcoming dental visit can make a child more anxious during their appointment.

Your child can easily pick up on your emotions. To make sure your child feels comfortable, it’s best to strive to keep a positive attitude before, during, and after your child’s appointment.

We find most children are calmer when their parents aren’t in the room. However, if you do choose to stay in the room, we ask that you try your best just to be an observer.

Trust is a significant factor in ensuring your child feels comfortable coming to the dentist. This is why it’s especially important to avoid saying things like, “I promise you won’t feel anything.”

We will always do everything we can to reduce the amount of discomfort your child will feel during their exam, but if they do feel minor irritation, it could affect the level of trust they have in their dentist.

During a dental exam, our dentists use various tools and techniques that can sound intimidating to a child. It’s best to avoid using words like needle, shot, drill, yank, and pain.

To keep children comfortable during their visit, we like to use the following terminology:

  • Instead of talking about cavities, we like to talk about the “sugar bugs” that like to play in their teeth if they don’t brush
  • If we are going to use a needle, we’ll tell you’re child we’re putting their tooth to sleep and that they may feel a small pinch
  • When we have to use a drill or any loud tools, we prefer to say we’re giving their teeth a shower or using a “tickle brush”
  • If your child needs laughing gas during an appointment, we’ll call it “laughy juice” and tell them they get to wear a superhero mask

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